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I am an experienced social science researcher, evaluator, project manager and consultant. I specialise in research and evaluation that is: useful in policy and practice, theoretically and conceptually insightful, and methodologically rigorous.

A lot of my research has been on issues relating to climate change, such as community resilience, energy demand reduction (behaviour change) and smart meters. I am a specialist in community action, participatory approaches and action-based approaches to research.

I am also a specialist in research and practice in public engagement with research, and the practice of research 'impact'.

I did my PhD at London School of Economics, and since then have held research and teaching posts at London School of Economics, Policy Studies Institute (University of Westminster) and Kingston University.

I am an Associate of Resources for Change.

You can check out my CV, projects, expertise and blog to the right.

You can contact me at: kevinwburchell@gmail.com

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